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Joe Malotte



Early Chevy Chase. Love the comedy.

Caddyshack imageCaddyshack image


Movies | Comedy

Another great Bill Murray movie. I will be taking baby steps to the kitchen to get me some refreshments as I sit down to watch this comedy one more time.

What About Bob? imageWhat About Bob? image

What About Bob?

Movies | Comedy

In my opinion the best of the two, the sequel to this movie just didn't have the same flavor. You had humor you had action,very well done script. Actors worked well together.

City Slickers imageCity Slickers image

City Slickers

Movies | Comedy

Many good actors as well as great humor. I wish Hollywood would make them like this again.

¡Three Amigos! image¡Three Amigos! image

¡Three Amigos!

Movies | Comedy

Oh yes the famous Chevy Chase and Dan aykroyd almost like a modern day Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello. With a brief scene of Bob Hope.

Spies Like Us imageSpies Like Us image

Spies Like Us

Movies | Comedy

Another fantastic John Candy movie with Bill Murray and other well-known actors. Very humorous, very well done.

Stripes imageStripes image


Movies | Action

I love 99% of Robin Williams movies. This particular show let everyone know about the dangers of conforming to do the same thing as everybody else. I enjoy exercising my right to be a non-conformist.

Dead Poets Society imageDead Poets Society image

Dead Poets Society

Movies | Drama

I truly enjoyed this show because it showed Arnold Schwarzeneggers different side of acting. I think today people are caught up with special effects in some complicated plot. When something just a simple and innocent will do just fine for a storyline.

Kindergarten Cop imageKindergarten Cop image

Kindergarten Cop

Movies | Comedy

I like this trilogy because of the humor the actors and actresses. This is when comedy was at its best.

Look Who's Talking imageLook Who's Talking image

Look Who's Talking

Movies | Comedy

Who didn't like Indiana Jones and the sequels that followed way back when it was something different catchy entertaining and I'm proud to say I was around when it first came out the big screen long before beta and VHS came out.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade imageIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade image

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Movies | Adventure

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