John Wheeler



Dystopian near future thriller in which “Cloud” has taken over business and governing. Elements of many previous dystopian thrillers like Soylent Green. Shades Google, Facebook etc.

The Warehouse imageThe Warehouse image

The Warehouse

Books | Rob Hart

Surprisingly fast-paced read that builds and builds. Thought provoking future new world order theme with symbolic connections to today’s age of alternative facts and instant information and continuous connectivity. Will definitely continue with the next book in this series.

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Books | Malka Older

Time travel hotel, murder mystery and love story of one lady unstuck in time complete with dinosaurs, corrupt senators, evil rich guys, end of the universe concerns and lots of plot twists. Fun read!

The Paradox Hotel imageThe Paradox Hotel image

The Paradox Hotel

Books | Rob Hart

Jess shows up at her half-brother Ben’s apartment, but he is nowhere to be found. Ben’s neighbors are the suspects. Lots of twists and turns. For a rather complex plot, it was easy to follow and didn’t have to go outside the limits of believability. Really enjoyed it! Lucy Foley rocks!

The Paris Apartment imageThe Paris Apartment image

The Paris Apartment

Books | Lucy Foley

Wow! Unexpectedly, I loved this book! Pretty straightforward story interwoven with insights into racial hardships. Made me consider again the historical impact of slavery and how bigoted people try to justify their actions. Liked the main character and enjoyed looking up the musical references and listening to them as well.

The Violin Conspiracy imageThe Violin Conspiracy image

The Violin Conspiracy

Books | Brendan Slocumb

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