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Finished this in about an hour! Honestly i’ve never felt as understood by a book. The writing is very simple and a bit juvenile but I think that’s what makes it charming for young readers navigating through love. Definitely covers all the things that keep young girls up at night!

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Books | Orion Carloto

A really wholesome book that incorporates unique, playful characters. If you’re looking for a romance about an amazing guy and a shy girl, i recommend! some lines really pack a punch and quotes a lot of literature!

The Library of Lost Things imageThe Library of Lost Things image

The Library of Lost Things

Books | Laura Taylor Namey

I truly didn’t know this is the book i’ve been searching for — it combined everything i love: romance, crime, and the roaring 20s. This book is a quick read and I was too scared to even read it because i never wanted it to end. I want to thank those who recommended this book to me because I found myself grinning, giggling, and on the edge of my seat. The most incredible book i’ve read, it took my breath away.

Until We Meet Again imageUntil We Meet Again image

Until We Meet Again

Books | Renee Collins

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