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Karen Tien



Visually this film is stunning and the cast is fantastic. However the storylines are lacking, they lack that emotional appeal which is why I usually love Wes Anderson films. I'd still recommend as it's got good comedic moments and drama but it's not my favourite WA film.

The French Dispatch imageThe French Dispatch image

The French Dispatch


Terrible accents aside the story line kept me hooked and it didn't feel overplayed. Nice snappy mini series.

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Nine Perfect Strangers

Shows | Drama

One of the best Sci-fi films I've seen in a while! Fantastic acting, score and scenery. Also perfect for those that may not be a big sci-fi fan.

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Movies | Action

Not the best Edgar Wright movie but there were good moments of horror and drama. I'm not sure if I would have enjoyed it as much without my personal connection with London.

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Last Night in Soho

Movies | Drama

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