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Currently using books as my form of coping and escapism instead of hiring a therapist.

This book is if Harry Potter had joined Slytherin and become friends/rivals then enemies with Draco Malfoy. Except in this book, the main character is Draco. And he is unapologetically a bad guy that burns with vengeance and ambition. Please do yourself a favor and read this.

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Books | V. E. Schwab

This is a high recommendation from me! It not only has elements of soulmates, an elemental magic system, and I would say good ethnical representation, but the best enemies to lovers arc as it’s been ongoing for 3-4 books and still hasn’t reached its peak. The slowest and most gratifying burn ever. #enemiestolovers #young_adult_fiction #youngadult

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Books | Susan Dennard

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