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What a lovely film about growing old and loving someone in good time and in bad.

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The Leisure Seeker

Movies | Drama

For those who think this movie is in any way related to Disney's The Little Mermaid you are wrong! This film is not the Disney Live animated The Little Mermaid and not associated with Diney at all. That being said this Little Mermaid is closer to the Hans Christian Andersen version of the story. This film was so poorly made and acted it was a joke. Big train wreck. Complete waste of a $5 million dollar budget. Sad really.

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The Little Mermaid

Movies | Adventure

Talk about the feels. If your looking for a tear jerker this one might get you.

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Lean on Pete

Movies | Drama

Fantastic film about facing your demons and you fears. Some of the CGI was cheap looking but that didn't take away from the heart of this film. Madison Wolfe did a phenomenal job in her role as Barbara.

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I Kill Giants

Movies | Drama

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