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i had unrealistically high expectations for this book because the concept is so interesting. ultimately i think it suffered from weird pacing and dialogue, but overall an interesting look at women’s relationship to food, sex, and religion. i wanted it to hit a little deeper but overall i enjoyed it.

Milk Fed imageMilk Fed image

Milk Fed

Books | Melissa Broder

i enjoyed this a lot. it was well written and took unexpected turns at times, and was generally enjoyable to read. it was an interesting look at the role work plays in our lives and identities, but i think more than that it was just a fun story. the ending leans more “pro-work” than i’d hoped but overall a very nice book.

There's No Such Thing as an Easy Job imageThere's No Such Thing as an Easy Job image

There's No Such Thing as an Easy Job

Books | Kikuko Tsumura

this was a great read that went by fast. it’s a well-written look at immigration, cultural differences, family, and grief. i loved the writing style—every couple pages has its own title so it reads like a bunch of short stories/excerpts but still works as a linear narrative. loved!

Ghost Forest imageGhost Forest image

Ghost Forest

Books | Pik-Shuen Fung

this was a quick read but not an easy one. it reads similar to convenience store woman but it a lot more grotesque and explicit. it was definitely hard to read at times, but this poignant and thought-provoking.

Earthlings imageEarthlings image


Books | Sayaka Murata

this was a good, quick read that made me think a lot about sexuality, power, womanhood, and how much i hate men. it was definitely relatable in a way that made me think about my relationship with sex and my own sense of self worth. i think i need to sit on it for a while, but it will definitely have a lasting impression.

Acts of Service imageActs of Service image

Acts of Service

Books | Lillian Fishman

this book was so incredibly fine. it had pretty hyped up to me so maybe i wanted it to hit a little harder—be a little bit for devastating. overall, it was well written and thought-provoking (about life, language, meaning) when it needed to be.

The Idiot imageThe Idiot image

The Idiot

Books | Elif Batuman

one of my new favorites! i blew through it in a couple days. it’s very fun and the narrator feels real and genuine. it explores the intricacies of female friendships, closeted queerness, and feminine identity forming. so so fun and well written.

Other People's Clothes imageOther People's Clothes image

Other People's Clothes

Books | Calla Henkel

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