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KC Savage



Classic! This film will always hold a special place in my heart! I adore the story line, and shed a joyful tear each time I watch it!

Toy Story imageToy Story image

Toy Story

Movies | Animation

Timeless classic in my book! Clever and funny, but also equally enjoyable for any occasion whether a night in or a fun movie night!

The Incredibles imageThe Incredibles image

The Incredibles

Movies | Action

One of the most incredible films that I have ever watched. The story line is mesmerizing, and the casting couldn’t have been anymore perfect. This film will make you feel every emotion on the spectrum, and it’s wonderful when a film can do that!

The Shape of Water imageThe Shape of Water image

The Shape of Water

Movies | Drama

Very clever and sweet kids movie. I enjoyed the characters and loved the story line!

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Movies | Animation

One of my favorite Marvel movies! The story line is fantastic, and the humor, as well as the action were fantastic! Absolutely adore it!

Thor: Ragnarok imageThor: Ragnarok image

Thor: Ragnarok

Movies | Action

Very fun and sweet film! Truly enjoyable!

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Inside Out

Movies | Drama

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