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Kelly Lloyd



Don't want this movie to leave 😭 because it was good 🥺 to watch , I'd watch it again if they where not planning to take it off..

Dear John imageDear John image

Dear John

Movies | Drama

Would like to read this book 📖 it looks interesting to read 😉.

The Ghostwriter imageThe Ghostwriter image

The Ghostwriter

Books | Alessandra Torre

Very good ☺️ movie 🍿 only watched it a few times 😉

Russian Doll imageRussian Doll image

Russian Doll

Shows | Comedy

I honestly don't want this movie to leave 😭 it is a great movie ..

Snakes on a Plane imageSnakes on a Plane image

Snakes on a Plane

Movies | Action

Love the walking dead 😁 it's awesome 👍

The Walking Dead imageThe Walking Dead image

The Walking Dead

Shows | Action & Adventure

Loved that show it's a mystery, interesting and I would watch it again

Pretty Little Liars imagePretty Little Liars image

Pretty Little Liars

Shows | Drama

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