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Kim stansbury



I love to read! To escape my reality for just a short period of time. I’m a dreamer, and teacher, a mother and a wife.


Such a well written book. I felt a whirlwind of emotions and could not put it down.

The German Girl imageThe German Girl image

The German Girl

Books | Armando Lucas Correa

Much like a thing Margaret Atwood, I struggled to put this down. I loved the ending, and was genuinely sad when it ended as I wasn’t ready to let go!

The Testaments imageThe Testaments image

The Testaments

Books | Perfection Learning Corporation

I could not put this down! I’ve watched the show but it does not do the book justice! Amazingly written.

The Handmaid's Tale imageThe Handmaid's Tale image

The Handmaid's Tale

Books | Margaret Atwood

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