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Lana Akhtar



Random reading moods. Please recommend books I don’t have to force myself to find interest in 🙏


This was really good. I appreciated the representation of neurodivergence and mental illness and was glad the author didn’t brush it away but instead delved into how it can affect a person’s life. The story concept is really creative and easy in capturing interest. I loved the writing style and the slow development of the characters. #lgbtqiarep #mentalhealthawareness #pocrep

The Charm Offensive imageThe Charm Offensive image

The Charm Offensive

Books | Alison Cochrun

This was freaky. Did not know how to feel cause it was kinda sad and messed up and weird but also really good. Fun journey putting the pieces together. Definitely recommend I read it in one sitting.

The Darkness Outside Us imageThe Darkness Outside Us image

The Darkness Outside Us

Books | Eliot Schrefer

This was really good. Just. The names. Why 😐. The world building isn’t hard to follow for a fantasy and I love the characters and the portrayal of their personalities. The authors did a good conveying their depths. Plot was fast-paced and intense. Waiting for a sequel so bad 🤞

Master of One imageMaster of One image

Master of One

Books | Jaida Jones

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