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looking for iconic thrillers, kinda any anime but I like suspenseful ones, and any books / Manga u highly recommend ;)


good documentary!!! I love the show so the movie was really awesome to see how it all started

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Movies | Documentary

sooooo good!! I watched this yesterday on halloween. A bit gory but the way everything's done is sooo smart! would watch again for sure

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Halloween Kills

Movies | Horror

HOLY CRAPPP- ok first off DONT WATCH TRAILER BEFORE WATCHING!! But omg it turns events and it's so crazy. Seems very typical in the description but it turns so fast. Highly recommend :))))

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Better Watch Out

Movies | Horror

ok so. this was OK. The first one was wayyy better, and in this one they try to explain how it happened with like scientific explanations. Which personally it ruined it for me. I liked not really knowing because it made it more interesting. It's an alright movie overall, if u have seen the first one I'll leave it up to u whether u wanna watch it or not. I think u should still give it a go because besides them explaining it the story gets better.

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Happy Death Day 2U

Movies | Horror

Wouldn't consider this a horror or super scary but omggg it's insaneeee. I could never go through what this girl does. It's good I recommend.

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Happy Death Day

Movies | Horror

so good. Gotta b a lil older to watch this bc there are some inappropriate moments later on but it's rlly good. If u don't like the first episode, I promise it gets better. The more u watch the more invested u become lol

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Hunter x Hunter

Shows | Action & Adventure

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