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Leanne Goetz



Just came across this series and so incredibly happy i did! 💯

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Shows | Drama

ahhh, thought we’d give this a try for family movie night. it’s great! 🎮👾

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Free Guy

Movies | Action

@RicoLoveDinero —have you seen this one yet? let’s make it a date and watch it at the same time! 😂🙈

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Movies | Drama

perfect movie for a cold-snowy day. —very well done! 🙌🏼

Fever Dream imageFever Dream image

Fever Dream

Movies | Drama

the art in this movie— amazing! 🤩 it was slow but powerful. 8/10 for sure!

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Saint Maud

Movies | Horror

my new binge! #chicagofire

Chicago Fire imageChicago Fire image

Chicago Fire

Shows | Drama

started this show tonight. unsure why Google states it’s a comedy-drama. this is definitely an emotional show and nothing (thus far) is funny. great start!

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Shows | Comedy

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