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Excellemt historical portrayal of black women who broke through the gender & racial barriers to contribute to our nation's space program. Why did it take 50+ years to recognize theur accomplishments and present this? At 97, Katherine G. Johnson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama. Bless her for living long enough, as well as her husband, to see that day and receive such an honor she was due.

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Hidden Figures

Movies | Drama

So very well done. While the documentary primarily focused on Sue Klebold's "journey" as Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold's mother, the focus was still kept on the importance of mental wellness in our educational system as well as in our parenting. I enjoyed it very much & had been afraid it would leave me depressed yet the opposite occurred. I am hopeful that those who are raising & implementing awareness of this preventative need will lend to a kinder & gentler society as a whole.

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American Tragedy

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Great portrayal of how Armstrong deceived himself & everyone else that he was a clean, straight-up athlete / human. What a sociopath & despicable example for any competitor. Why he still has $50 million, I'll never understand it.

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Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story

Movies | Documentary

Suspenseful, dramatic rescue efforts portrayed in this Ron Howard action biography. Well done even of a bit long.

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Thirteen Lives

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Great story line, action & depiction of how one evolves to realize a failing is that of being human. And his discovery that honesty is the path to really living life.

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"Summerland is well worth watching, but it is not a wartime film. It is about people and whom they care for. Some other reviews have called the film magical" It pulled at my heartstrings.

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Movies | Drama

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