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Very well done documentary by Luke Holland, a grandchild of family murdered by The Third Reich. Holland takes us to a variety of the last living people who witnessed and often participated in the activities of the Nazi Regime. Those being interviewed provide a very interesting cross-section of those who witnessed the Nazi inhumanity: shocked & ashamed, & some make alarming statements & displays of allegiance still to the Nazi beliefs.

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Final Account

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Well done film of the actual compensations awarded to victims & families of those lost in the 9/11 disasters. Keaton does very well in his role of the attorney following set rules until he began to feel the real agony & grief of those to be compensated, realizing how can one assign a $ value on another's life? Supporting cast was spot on. This is a not-to-miss film & one that reinforces my subscription to Netflix.

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Well done biography of a very young Indian boy who was lost as a 5 year old and how his life progresses. As an adult, his heart continues to be drawn to his origins & he must find his way home. Through modern technology, Google Earth, his quest is more easily traced, especially in his relentless pursuit. The movie drags at points, characters are undeveloped & it tends to be a bit sappy & predictable - but it's a true story. Worth a watch as lost Indian children is not uncommon in India

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Well done flick about horribly misguided efforts to "save" LGBTQs with God / guilt.

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The Miseducation of Cameron Post

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Well done characterization of a family & a friend who are there until the end. You feel their struggles, pain & love for one another.

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