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Just a classic sci-fi dystopian novel, but it was a really really well written one. I kind of wish I’d read it earlier on because then I wouldn’t have felt the plot was a bit overdone.

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Fahrenheit 451

Books | Ray Bradbury

This book was definitely a beautiful story about the Holocaust, but in all honesty I didn’t love the writing style of the author. I know it was translated to English which maybe means some of the words were translated in a way that misconstrued the true meaning, but I didn’t love the style of writing. Still a great read and INCREDIBLE story of persistence and survival.

The Librarian of Auschwitz imageThe Librarian of Auschwitz image

The Librarian of Auschwitz

Books | Antonio Iturbe

I really liked the plot of this book, but I thought parts of it felt more like a history book than a story following the Gucci family. I did enjoy that it followed the Gucci story all the way through though, unlike the movie which only focused on an aspect of the story.

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The House of Gucci

Books | Sara G. Forden

This book was #bizarre but in the best way lol. It’s a fun read especially if you know basic Jewish history. #drama #romance #romans #israel

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Rebel Daughter

Books | Lori Banov Kaufmann

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