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We are to think this takes place in 2022 where the hell is our nerve gear we're not even close to that level of Technology it would be so cool

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Sword Art Online


What can be said that hasn't already been said amazing perfect excellent

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Death Note

Shows | Animation

Amazing show really wish it had gotten another season they were so ready for it too with that last episode too bad it will never see the light of day

Deadman Wonderland imageDeadman Wonderland image

Deadman Wonderland

Shows | Action & Adventure

I don't have enough words to describe how good this show is if you want to introduce anyone to anime this is it can't wait for the next season

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My Hero Academia

Shows | Action & Adventure

First season was amazing perfect in just about every way second season don't watch if you know what's good for you

The Promised Neverland imageThe Promised Neverland image

The Promised Neverland

Shows | Animation

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