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Maddie H



I like to binge watch🤣😂


I like the good doctor a lot!!

The Good Doctor imageThe Good Doctor image

The Good Doctor

Shows | Drama

I just started this show 4 days ago and I’m already on the last episode of session 5 I recommend this show!!

Grey's Anatomy imageGrey's Anatomy image

Grey's Anatomy

Shows | Drama

I liked the umbrella academy a lot it’s vary interesting!!

The Umbrella Academy imageThe Umbrella Academy image

The Umbrella Academy

Shows | Action & Adventure

I loved this it’s a solving show and I love solving mysteries if you love them to than you should watch this!!

Manifest imageManifest image


Shows | Mystery

I definitely liked this it like your there in the show bc you get excited when they do and I just overall really liked it!

The Baby-Sitters Club imageThe Baby-Sitters Club image

The Baby-Sitters Club

Shows | Kids

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