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I laughed out loud many times, making this the classic Tessa Bailey I so adore. Her writing is funny and it’s really really hard not to fall in love with her characters. The chemistry, the humor, the banter, the setting, the steam. I seriously can not get enough. Hannah was relatable and absolutely adorkable. Fox was a sappy hunk of a man. Just in love with them together. Such a great rom-com!!

Hook, Line, and Sinker imageHook, Line, and Sinker image

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Books | Tessa Bailey

Sadly Poppy’s lengthy inner dialogue continues but it was still better than FBAA in my opinion. The character development and Casteel(!!) it had me laughing but also transported me into the story. And the ending? Just wow. Glad I powered through to get to this book. So good.

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire imageA Kingdom of Flesh and Fire image

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire

Books | Jennifer L. Armentrout

Okay who allowed a rom-com to be this freaking good?? Seriously. I found a new favorite author in Elena Armas. The hype surrounding this book is completely understandable because it is ridiculously sweet, funny and everything you’d want in an enemies to lovers rom-com. Oh and it’s not just that, it also has fake dating and office romance. No big deal, just three ultimate tropes that leave you completely satisfied from beginning to end.

The Spanish Love Deception imageThe Spanish Love Deception image

The Spanish Love Deception

Books | Elena Armas

It doesn’t pick up till about 50% and I’m glad I powered through because it gets so good. The little details are necessary. I don’t know if poppy’s long inner dialogue is because it’s so repetitive. But Hawke is absolutely perfect, I loved for every interaction between the two. The side characters are great too. Just got through the second book and it’s definitely worth the time.

From Blood and Ash imageFrom Blood and Ash image

From Blood and Ash

Books | Jennifer L. Armentrout

Harpies have to be some of my favorite characters of Showalters novels. Ophelia was downright hilarious, her jokes at the most inappropriate times was the cherry on top. Speaking of cherry on top, I’d love to eat one off Halo. His brooding, as Ophelia liked to call it “man-pout,” and top tier warrior vibes were just yum. Then add the protective sweetness and constant pride in his gravita’s strength. WHOLE PACKAGE.

The Immortal imageThe Immortal image

The Immortal

Books | Gena Showalter

Wow. Wow. Wow. I was shaking during the last few chapters. I’m so happy I made it through the first book to finally read The Traitor Queen. I think I was turned off by the first book due to the level of betrayal, but god this second book was nothing short of perfect. The terrain (especially the weather) and overall setting is really why this book is so good. Danielle has a way of describing a scene that transports you there and makes you feel every emotion as if you were experiencing it yourself

The Traitor Queen imageThe Traitor Queen image

The Traitor Queen

Books | Danielle L. Jensen

Scarred was deliciously hawt. Villain turned good is not exactly the right description for Tristan. He was extremely unhinged at times (maybe all the time?) but still so enticing and oddly romantic. Also, who doesn’t love an enemies to lovers trope with a little knife to the throat action. Sara was a badass. Giving everything she got back tenfold.

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Books | Emily McIntire

Anything Ali Hazelwood I just love! But the MC in this. Hot damn where can I find me an Eric Novak 🔥

Stuck with You imageStuck with You image

Stuck with You

Books | Ali Hazelwood

I loved the main characters of this book! Rosie Danan’s sense of humor is great. Also, the spice *fans cheeks* particularly the couch scene (oh wait there is more than one) wooooo hot damn.

The Roommate imageThe Roommate image

The Roommate

Books | Rosie Danan

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