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This book was the last one I read from beginning to end. It was everything I didn't know I was looking for and was so grateful to find. I loved all the characters the good, the bad and the in between. The mythology from the universe in this book from a secret shadow dimension that's right in front of our third eye if we dare to look and the fascinating characters that have either some goodness in them and the ones who are morally ambiguous jump off the page with life as much as the rotten 'bad' characters who's darkness is still as much a part of themselves as their skin but true to form Mr. Gaiman seemingly effortlessly makes us aware that most people are multifaceted and displays this in every moment, movement where one can't help but be invested in the whole beautiful experience. It was so good I read every version of Neverwhere such as the tv mini series on BBC, the Comic mini series, and each shows a new layer of the novel I wasn't aware of. I can't recommend aa praise this gift of a book enough🎁💝☺

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Black Panther is an achievement, an experience, feeling, movement, progress all at the same time of being a sincerely great film. A film that is widely diverse and unapolagetically so, and true enough to the spirit of many of the characters from the comics that I can almost look past Marvel and Disney deciding possibly out of fear of being thd first largely black film that they straight washed a definite lgbtq character in the film and instead of simply not acknowledging her sexuality they went in a completely in my mind wrong direction and gave her a husband, when doing so in no way advanced the film and diminished the majesty and magic of the raw, real feeling the movie projected. Black Panther was shown in his glory and power and shown to be as important as any Caucasian character and paved the way for the long overdue new standard and proved that fears characters of color wouldn't make box office or be made of quality were false. The movie was clearly made with love and the star of the movie will always be missed and had a rare gravitas and talent that ensured this film's success and broke the glass ceiling for other big projects with minorities as the star characters or a truly mixed cast. Wonderful film everyone even non comic fans would enjoy.

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Black Panther

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Octavia Butler is my favorite sci fi black female writer, favorite period next to Ray Bradbury. The Parable is sci fi, and current issues of race are explored through the past and present. I can't say anything more without revealing it but it is amazing and touches me. I still feel the danger, the Salvation and I felt like I was in the story. Thank you Octavia, role model, inspiration, to me and countless others.

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