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This show is so well done — production, acting, writing, cinematography. I’m on episode 6, and instead of getting bored, which could happen easily given the description and topic of “newly divorced” person, I’m still being sucked in as the characters are being slowly developed. Characters in mid-life feel very real.

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Fleishman Is in Trouble

Shows | Drama

I’ve seen many iterations of West Side Story and this version is definitely my favorite. The acting, dancing, and music are all superb, but what wins me over most is Spielberg’s production skills and ability to command and actually use a big budget in a way that is seen on the screen. His wide, moving, colorful, and detailed shots are absolutely breathtaking, making it feel extra engaging for modern audiences. Worth seeing on the big screen. Also loved that Rita Moreno was in both the 1962 and this version. She’s amazing! #movierecommendations

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West Side Story

Movies | Crime

Beautifully produced guilty pleasure. I snobbishly avoided it, then binged both seasons when I hurt my back. Still can’t quite get over there’s no Duke and Duchess of Hastings storyline in season 2, but the development of the other characters (Penelope and Phoebe are my faves) in second season bodes well for future seasons.

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