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Marilyn Poole



It's so cute to watch even with the little trouble it all works out

Cherry Blossoms After Winter imageCherry Blossoms After Winter image

Cherry Blossoms After Winter


This is great but I think a little under rated on Netflix it said it was rated pg so yes for kids but like it kinds swears so it should have a higher rating on Netflix but love the action and the comedy is top notch

Cells at Work! Code Black imageCells at Work! Code Black image

Cells at Work! Code Black

Shows | Animation

One of the best bl's ever okay just watch and you see what I mean

Bad Buddy Series imageBad Buddy Series image

Bad Buddy Series

Shows | Comedy

I really do like this but i stopped because I got into watching bl k drama so this is like well for people who know what bl is know why I stopped watching this

Love and Lies imageLove and Lies image

Love and Lies

Shows | Animation

Just great but if you don't like gore don't watch and I gotta point out the beautiful bromance in it, it is so funny 😆

All of Us Are Dead imageAll of Us Are Dead image

All of Us Are Dead

Shows | Drama

I actually have a question does this have a happy ending I'm wondering because I'm scared to watch it I have seen endings in bl's where they die so I gotta make sure

Young Royals imageYoung Royals image

Young Royals

Shows | Drama

It's just great and should be pretty popular after the super bull you know

Home Team imageHome Team image

Home Team

Movies | Comedy

It's just a great comedy and is great fir everyone

Ratatouille imageRatatouille image


Movies | Animation

This is great and I love the vampire who is diffent from all the rest and just love a good monster story so this was a great show and I loved the romance but I now personally don't like romance anymore more of just bl and what not

My Babysitter's a Vampire imageMy Babysitter's a Vampire image

My Babysitter's a Vampire

Shows | Comedy

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