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Please check out my channel on Rumble where I talk about some great older movies you might have missed.. Check out my scifi novel BOUNDED ALLEGIANCE on Amazon. My YouTube channel:


This is not what you think. They're not repossessing cars. It's something a little more personal. Jude Law and Forest Whittaker are great in this.

Repo Men imageRepo Men image

Repo Men

Movies | Action

Eye opening.

Fyre imageFyre image


Movies | Documentary

So kooky and fun. I watched this show over and over again.

The IT Crowd imageThe IT Crowd image

The IT Crowd

Shows | Comedy

Definitely should have had more seasons.

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Shows | Drama

Totally weird, cool and gross.

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Shows | Horror

Honestly, I didn't watch it while it was running and only enjoyed it after syndication. It's a great, funny, dumb, smart show.

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Shows | Comedy

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