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While I’d say not totally a classic like Frozen 1&2, Tangled, or Moana, Encanto is still a great kids film with amazing animation and an amazing message behind it. Really cute characters as well. Kinda what I expect from Disney anyways. The songs are really fun here too.

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Movies | Animation

I can appreciate how well directed and constant moving this film is, but if your not a Ghostbusters fan you won’t get too much out of it. Paul Rudd is a standout here like always, very charismatic and the child actors do surprisingly well for you know being child actors. Not too bad at all. I recommend it.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Movies | Comedy

The cast in this film alone man is deserving of the whole movie industry. Westerns are such a dead genre and Jonathan Majors, Jeymes Samuel and Company give it so much life and pizzazz and it was incredible and gripping. Really love this movie.

The Harder They Fall imageThe Harder They Fall image

The Harder They Fall

Movies | Western

This film is very divisive and I say make your own opinion, see this yourself. But I think this film is overall good. Too many characters to have satisfying arcs but it’s hard to have full arcs when these characters are in the huge universe that is marvel but I liked the characters here and Chloe Zhao adds her style here too. Marvel did good here.

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Movies | Action

When it comes to Edgar Wright’s past films, the horror genre isn’t something I would’ve seen. Definitely isn’t something that I’m not opposed too because this film is rather horrifying. It’s glorifies the horrors of show business or I mean hell being a woman in the 60’s and the imagery is scary asf. Definitely an amazing movie and I very much recommend it.

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Last Night in Soho

Movies | Drama

It’s really cool how Wes Anderson can bring every single famous actor on the face of this planet and make a cohesive story. The cinematography is very up to standards with Wes Anderson’s style that has become famous now. If you liked his past films this is definitely the same way and will be up your alley.

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The French Dispatch


One thing I can definitely say is that Dune is a masterpiece. I know this is not the full story but just the way the film looks and I was engaged from beginning to end. The VFX is outstanding and have topped so many great visual effects in the past couple of years. It’s amazing! THE CAST TOO! Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson are standouts. Don’t come for Zendaya though. You’ll be disappointed.

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Movies | Action

I think when it comes To James Cameron’s movies when it comes to iconicness it doesn’t get much better than this. It’s an absolute gripping story and has so much incredible performances and a really fun romance in their too. Runtime goes by so quick because of the sheer scale and disbelief this film overflows you with.

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Movies | Drama

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