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Definitely a heartbreaking book. I cried so much, not just because it was sad and the characters didn't deserve the life they were given but because it was true. This is a story that could and probably has happened. I have fallen in love with the characters and I feel I will always carry a piece of this book around with me. The wisdom of its pages will haunt my mind until I no longer hold breath.

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Five Feet Apart

Books | Mikki Daughtry

It gets a little slow towards the last 10 chapters but if you can get past the slump it is totally worth it. I cried and laughed and felt all around terrible. Decisions like these are hard to make and not easy to enforce. I admire Lillys strength and determination because I know given the same choice I would have stayed, if not for me then for Emmy. The sad reality IS that it only take 15 seconds for someone's life to turn upside down. So, naked truth, would you stay? Or would you leave?

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It Ends with Us

Books | Colleen Hoover

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