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I LOVED this book. It's not often I'm genuinely floored by a plot reveal, but I was so shocked that I almost yelled out loud on my metro commute. I don't think you need to be familiar with Hamlet in order to enjoy this book, but knowing some if the details did make the story more interesting.

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The King of Infinite Space

Books | Lyndsay Faye

This book was heartbreakingly beautiful. And reading the Author's Note afterwards made the story that much more haunting.

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The Mirror Season

Books | Anna-Marie McLemore

I love fairytale retellings! I found this while browsing in a used bookstore looking for a new YA fantasy series like the Lunar Chronicles. While there were some references that were probably funnier to a younger crowd ("Blooming Dales" as an example), I did enjoy reading this as a quick vacation read that kept me on my toes. Some world-building involved, but it is a short trilogy based on already built worlds, so it works. #adaptations #fairy_tales_and_folklore #fantasy

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Books | Betsy Schow

I really thought I was going to get confused by all of the character storylines and time jumping. I was wrong; that was what made this book so good! The character development of 3 generations throughout time was really beautiful.

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The Vanishing Half

Books | Brit Bennett

I went into this thinking that I wasn't going to like this based on mixed reviews. However, I was drawn into the character of Circe. I found myself in her wanting to be a good person but always fearing that she actually isn't. Towards the end, I couldn't put the book down because I just had to know the ending! Despite a few parts I found that ran on a little long, enjoying this book was a wonderful surprise.

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Books | Madeline Miller

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