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Michael DeMaio



Beautiful story of a failed marriage. The acting is phenomenal and deserves its Oscar Nom’s.

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Marriage Story

Movies | Drama

Goofy Nickelodeon tv show. A personal favorite when I was younger.

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Big Time Rush

Shows | Comedy

The beginning of the Nolan Batman trilogy. Great pace and acting. Fight scenes are good and the story brings a beginning to Batman that captures his comic book qualities.

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Batman Begins

Movies | Action

Denzel’s best movie in my opinion. The story is something of a masterpiece and gets your hooked from the start to end. Excellent movie

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Training Day

Movies | Action

A movie you could watch over and over again. A mixture of action, drama, a science fiction. Will Smith knocks it out of the park in this movie!

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I Am Legend

Movies | Drama

Very interesting concept. The two main characters and the supporting friends make the movie better then the script provides it. Interesting and captivating.

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Movies | Comedy

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