Miche B



Great casting and acting. Cinematography was great. Award worthy.

The Woman King imageThe Woman King image

The Woman King


Loved this movie...so many messages about life and unconditional love.

Mr. Church imageMr. Church image

Mr. Church

Movies | Drama

This was a very good movie. Growing up in Montreal during this time, it had a profound effect then and still to this day it was good to see the story be told of the injustice to the Mohawk community. All Canadians should add this movie to their list.

Beans imageBeans image


Movies | Drama

Beautiful storyline on love transcends colour and learning to put a child's best interests first. Great casting and acting.

Black or White imageBlack or White image

Black or White

Movies | Drama

Amazing series!

Killing Eve imageKilling Eve image

Killing Eve

Shows | Crime

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