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REALLY FUN EFFECTS and you see a zombie fighting a shark in the water…I mean come on😀🤌a very underrated zombie movie

Zombie Flesh Eaters imageZombie Flesh Eaters image

Zombie Flesh Eaters

Movies | Horror

The special effects were fun to watch as this Bear terrorized the campers but kind of a slow movie

Grizzly imageGrizzly image


Movies | Horror

Such a good children’s movie that has a good message for adults learning to deal with emotions

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish imagePuss in Boots: The Last Wish image

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Movies | Comedy

An interesting horror movie that just makes you think “damn are my kids gonna be like this?😀” not wildly disturbing but will give you some goosebumps

Benny's Video imageBenny's Video image

Benny's Video

Movies | Horror

Much like your ex, this killer has mommy issues. A very fun slasher

Maniac imageManiac image


Movies | Horror

I love old school horror movies like this one. Pretty fun AND THE MUSIC IS ALSO PRETTY GOOD🤘

Black Roses imageBlack Roses image

Black Roses

Movies | Horror

To feminist out there…maybe skip this one☝️😃 but to film bros I say it’s a good way to kill your innocence If you have any left but just kind of a big shock factor movie

A Serbian Film imageA Serbian Film image

A Serbian Film

Movies | Crime

One of those funny horror movies you throw on the tv during a sleepover

Frankenhooker imageFrankenhooker image


Movies | Comedy

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