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guilty pleasure show. great plot, steamy scenes, cute scenes, great chemistry, all in all a great show.. the special episode is a amazing final touch!

Love in The Air imageLove in The Air image

Love in The Air


i’m not going to give away too much, but the chemistry is phenomenal. that’s it.

Big Dragon imageBig Dragon image

Big Dragon


love at its finest. I cried, I laughed, I binged, and I rewatch. 1000/10

Cutie Pie imageCutie Pie image

Cutie Pie

Shows | Comedy

I watched it like a movie, all at once, and it was amazing. I wish there was more though.

Semantic Error imageSemantic Error image

Semantic Error

Shows | Drama

this is one of the only shows that i waited every week to watch right when it came out. that means i had to have loved it THAT much to not wait and binge it all at once.

Between Us imageBetween Us image

Between Us

Shows | Drama

action, steamy, heavy, crazy, passionate. guilty pleasure.

KinnPorsche The Series imageKinnPorsche The Series image

KinnPorsche The Series

Shows | Drama

say what you want, but the chemistry is THERE. vampire stories always get me somehow, and this one had me crying at the end. be prepared!

Kissable Lips imageKissable Lips image

Kissable Lips


i’ll start off by saying there is a second season. that made me smile just saying it. a lot of people start off watching this, but i am a late bloomer and watched it two years later. i loved it. after hearing so much hype, i was honestly scared to watch it, but it lived up to it. the chemistry is great, and it’s just enough honestly. it was so wholesome as well, at least to me.

2gether: The Series image2gether: The Series image

2gether: The Series

Shows | Drama

i give this five stars, and it shocks me that i have rated it like that. This has me conflicted like “kissable lips” if you’ve ever seen it. just make sure you have tissues ready. such a great story line. as someone who read the manga, it is different but also the same. i love how they developed the characters in the show. i am waiting for a second season. they better give me one.

The Director Who Buys Me Dinner imageThe Director Who Buys Me Dinner image

The Director Who Buys Me Dinner


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