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I really liked this book! I was a little hesitant with it during the first couple chapters, but then the plot picked up and I couldn’t put it down. It was my first “enemies to lovers” book, and I think, now being exposed to this kind of writing style/theme, I will be reading more books like this. It’s my second book by these authors, and they didn’t disappoint at all. It was so funny/cute and very romantic. Definitely recommend this book! :)

The Unhoneymooners imageThe Unhoneymooners image

The Unhoneymooners

Books | Christina Lauren

As this book being the first that I’ve read by these authors, I am more than excited to read more! I finished this book surprising quick considering it’s a little longer than the last few books that I’ve read. I overall loved it. It wasn’t as dramatic as a Colleen Hover book, which I liked, and the way that the love between these characters is perfectly described on each page is what kept my head fused to this book. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone :)

Love and Other Words imageLove and Other Words image

Love and Other Words

Books | Christina Lauren

I read all but the last 45 pages of this book in one day (had to go to bed because it was almost 2am lol). I literally could not put it down. The way CoHo writes suspense is so so so captivating. Every pages dug deeper into this twisted story and I loved every bit of it. Definitely recommend this book for those who love multiple jaw-dropping plot twists! :)

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Books | Colleen Hoover

Love love LOVE this book. I couldn’t put it down. I’ve only ready a couple of CH books, but I think this one’s my favorite so far. Would love to hear what others think and if they like another one of her books better than this one :)

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Ugly Love

Books | Colleen Hoover

I don’t think people give this book enough credit! It’s probably in my top three favorite John Green books. The coming-of-age with a little mystery is what really draws you in. I read this years ago but still, to this day, talk about it. (Also, I never saw the movie because I heard it wasn’t too good. I didn’t want to ruin the love I have for this book haha!)

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Paper Towns

Books | Hamzer akyuz

I totally forgot this book existed until I saw it on this app! I read it when I was in middle school (I’m guessing 10 years ago?) and I still remember everything. I remember how I couldn’t put it down and told all of my friends to read it. Definitely recommend this book to those who like anything psychological and kind of multidimensional stuff:) Oh! And a little romance!

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Every Day

Books | David Levithan

All time favorite John Green book. The drama, mystery and heart break all wrapped into one book is so captivating. I recommend it to anyone.

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Looking for Alaska

Books | 80% DISCOUNT ( Save up to 80%)

Couldn’t put this book down. I love John Green and have read many of his books. This is one of my favorites!

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Turtles All the Way Down

Books | John Green

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