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I have never been propelled into a time other than my current as this story has done. It, I suspect, will remain my favorite of all time. I still yearn for the characters in this tale. While I would love it made into a movie, I'm not sure it could tell it as well as Kristin Hannah.#kristinhannah

The Nightingale imageThe Nightingale image

The Nightingale

Books | Kristin Hannah

It's crazy, captivating and well done. Is violent, a bit sexually twisted so not for everyone. It's kept me on the edge!

Mr. Mercedes imageMr. Mercedes image

Mr. Mercedes

Shows | Drama

An observation of the human condition. Errors in judgement with horrendous circumstances. Well done.

Seven Seconds imageSeven Seconds image

Seven Seconds

Shows | Crime

It was unique. Very suspenseful. Held my attention.

Dark imageDark image


Shows | Crime

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