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Bin 😁 / 19 / filmmaker, reader and YouTuber / positive consumer of all media / i made the mother/son master book list on Goodreads Watch my reviews: YouTube - Positive Writer Watch my films: Instagram - @positivevideography View my bookstagram photos: Instagram - @positivewriterr 😊


In honor of this magnificent limited series dropping on HBO Max yesterday has anyone read the book? I have not by I adore JP Delaney's writing so it's no surprise that the series is amazing!

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The Girl Before

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I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! it's a good y'all. I haven't watched a CW show in years and I'm so glad this is my first one in a while. What a magnificent pilot episode, I'm so excited to continue watching and learning more about the characters!!!! Y'all can call me a stan for sure!

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