Very fun watch, I didn't expect the turn it took but I enjoyed it.

Felix and the Treasure of Morgäa imageFelix and the Treasure of Morgäa image

Felix and the Treasure of Morgäa

Movies | Family

Although this is a sequel it was quite cute on its own! It has a classic trope and the villains are quite two dimensional but its a fun watch. The puppy love is quite cute too, I'm glad they didn't take it too seriously. Fay's struggles are something almost every teenager and adult can relate to, I'm glad she found a path for herself in the end it was sweet to watch her find a passion for something. But Mila is why this film is a must rewatch, she stole my heart, she's too adorable.

Monster Family 2 imageMonster Family 2 image

Monster Family 2

Movies | Animation

Very cheesy and very funny take on a monster movie. I went in expecting Hotel Transylvania vibes but it was different! A good different! Its quite cute and has a unique story

Monster Family imageMonster Family image

Monster Family

Movies | Animation

I watched this on hulu under the name: the fairy princess and the unicorn. And boy was that a misleading title, the unicorn had like 3 minutes of screen time and there was no fairies (they are elves? With wings?) The animation is unusual but fun and the designs for the animals and dragons are lovely. The world building could've used some more work, I would have loved to learn more about the other elves I'd definitely watch a sequel to this

Bayala: A Magical Adventure imageBayala: A Magical Adventure image

Bayala: A Magical Adventure

Movies | Adventure

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