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Absolutely a surprise! In all the right ways. We binged it all in one weekend. Highly recommend!

The Queen's Gambit imageThe Queen's Gambit image

The Queen's Gambit

Shows | Drama

I loved the first one better, but I still think this sequel is great! Definitely watch it!!!

A Quiet Place Part II imageA Quiet Place Part II image

A Quiet Place Part II

Movies | Drama

Ok, the name is dumb. It almost made me not watch it. But I’m glad I did. It was entertaining. A combination of Kill Bill and John Wick. Some of the story writing was lacking - and could have definitely been better. But it is worth a watch.

Gunpowder Milkshake imageGunpowder Milkshake image

Gunpowder Milkshake

Movies | Action

Seriously - WATCH THIS SHOW. It is so so so good!

Ted Lasso imageTed Lasso image

Ted Lasso

Shows | Comedy

Great! Until the final season. Which was frustrating and not at all satisfying for fans. It’s worth watching the whole series, just re-write the ending in your head. 😂

How I Met Your Mother imageHow I Met Your Mother image

How I Met Your Mother

Shows | Comedy

Full of action. Story line was pretty good and leaves it open for a sequel. I thought it was entertaining! I definitely recommend!

The Old Guard imageThe Old Guard image

The Old Guard

Movies | Action

I wasn’t at all sure about where this movie would end up! But I liked the ending and the slow burn. It wasn’t my favorite thriller ever but it was worth a watch!

Hereditary imageHereditary image


Movies | Horror

Phew! This one takes you for a ride! I loved it though. It’s disturbing in all the right ways. Definitely didn’t see the ending coming. I recommend watching it!

The Witch imageThe Witch image

The Witch

Movies | Mystery

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