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I love reality television. I love the production side of reality television. I love representation for depression, anxiety, and neurodiversity. I’m slightly obsessed with this book, and I didn’t guess how it would end before the last 40 minutes. I’m more than slightly obsessed with this book.

The Charm Offensive imageThe Charm Offensive image

The Charm Offensive

Books | Alison Cochrun

I like this book, not my favorite out of queer romance books but fun. The last 30 mins you just have to power through but it’s mostly worth it.

Boyfriend Material imageBoyfriend Material image

Boyfriend Material

Books | Alexis Hall

I love this book. I think it’s a great representation of young adulthood, the troubles people face in discovering themselves and their queer identity. Plus it’s nerdy. I’ve listened to it at lest 3 times.

Conventionally Yours imageConventionally Yours image

Conventionally Yours

Books | Annabeth Albert

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