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If you're into some shock and awe of a wedding disaster film this one is for you. Even if you don't like the cast or the film, or maybe you hate weddings but love happy endings, it's a fun movie.

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Love Wedding Repeat


Great movie. Great representation of what's around Toronto circa 2002. Also, 4*Town needs to make an actual album and not just for a movie!!

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Turning Red

Movies | Animation

I had a really long day. So I decided to open up Netflix and go through the usual roulette to see what I land on. When Netflix opens up, I end up not turning that wheel. Instead I was fixated on this trailer and made my decision right there. It really cheered me up, and the fact it was a Judd Apatow film made it that much better. Watch it, it's a good one. Loved it. Also, there's a bit at the end credits.

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The Bubble

Movies | Comedy

Yes I liked it. Was it reviewed poorly by others? Yes. Will I buy it when it comes out? Yes.

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Movies | Action

This was my what I got excited for every weekend as a kid. I loved this show so much. If you want nostalgia then here it is.

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Denver, the Last Dinosaur

Shows | Animation

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