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Former Avenger Clint Barton has a seemingly simple mission: get back to his family for Christmas. Possible? Maybe with the help of Kate Bishop, a 22-year-old archer with dreams of becoming a superhero. The two are forced to work together when a presence from Barton’s past threatens to derail far mor

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2021-11-24

Last Air Date 2021-12-22

Seasons 1

Episodes 6


TMDB 8.0


melly_loveee shared a tip "Wasn’t such a fan of hawkeye but this show caught my interest since the first episode! Definitely recommend!"

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sandy_lopez shared a tip "Who has seen the trailer for Hawkeye and what do you think? #marvel #action #hawkeye"

abigail_weh shared a tip "Surprisingly good, heartfelt and funny."

evan_cook shared a tip "A quick splash of Marvel holiday fun!"

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immarrypoppinsyall0 shared a tip "he needs to retire"

todd_w_8345 shared a tip "IMO- best of the Marvel streaming series. Excellent cast and great storyline"

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jasonwright shared a tip "Action. Adventure. Humor. Tracksuit Mafia (Bro). Cameos. Pizza dog."

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sean_bunker shared a tip "Amazing show! Best marvel show"

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imperfection_x-unde shared a tip "Very good show."

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wajwilliams shared a tip "It’s good, so far. #action #adventure #crime #drama #mystery #sci_fi"

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grace_th shared a tip "No explanation needed I loved it ❤️ Hawkeye never gets the attention he deserves and this was amazing."

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parham_t shared a tip "One of the unique shows"

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wraith_phoenix shared a tip "Yelena is everything!"

seriah_227 shared a tip "Amazing marvel show, love Kate bishop and a certain someone’s sister"

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lostboyfritz shared a tip "Easily tied for my favorite Phase 4 show. WandaVision being the other."

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dana_bruno shared a tip "AMAZING"

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samaira_schieffer shared a tip "Funny and thrilling. A background plot and I like archery."

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sophiechase_ shared a tip "Loved this series and I loved how we got to see Hawkeye ptsd"

summer_langell shared a tip "I really liked it!! Perfect combination of crime/drama and heartfelt."

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cheesystonks shared a tip "Wasn’t very entertaining or interesting."

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shahin_kabir shared a tip "This is my favorite Marvel Disney+ show and it brought back Kingpin from Daredevil."

marlena_a._esquivel shared a tip "Loved it!"

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kiyomi_loose shared a tip "Hailee Steinfeld and Florence Pugh are bae"

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sara_true shared a tip "holy moly!"

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emily_reid_9346 shared a tip "Love this, these two need their own movie"

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goosiepuffs shared a tip "totally worth it! i love this show so much and its a joy to watch especially around the holidays <3"

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itssyd shared a tip "one of my favourite marvel shows!"

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dani_shahar_1643 shared a tip "I LOVE YELENA"

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ada_olusa shared a tip "Shows the after life of hawk eye is there a second season"

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bukkie_cso shared a tip "Another fav!!💜"

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zoey_hughes shared a tip "This makes me miss Natasha so much 😥🥺🥺😢😩 But it’s still fire though"

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michelle_dimartino shared a tip "I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the fact that this is only 6 episodes, I don’t ever want it to end, I love it so much"

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katelyn_c. shared a tip "IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS SHOW jeremy renner <33"

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audrey_burriss shared a tip "Kind of cheesy but more faithful to the comics"

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baddienette55 shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️"

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anna_goldie_5786 shared a tip "THIS IS SO GOOD! I LOVE KATE AND YELENA!!"

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chris_brewer shared a tip "All off the spin off are better than the movie and this one is too"

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sqvnqq shared a tip "A very wholesome tv show that displays Marvel through a different perspective"

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amerrica_rodriguez shared a tip "10/10love the characters"

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mjwavydo shared a tip "I watched it for hailee steinfeld!"

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becca_jade shared a tip "I’m not the biggest Marvel fan but I was still super interested and waited every week to watch it"

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cameron_mccorkle shared a tip "So good and made me fall even more in love with Marvel and Yelena Belova/Florence Pugh"

bedo_miller shared a tip "What kind of shows do you like?"

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peyton_acosta-chamb shared a tip "@robinjohnson301 it really is!"

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green_6420 shared a tip "Good grounded down to earth show"

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panda_harris shared a tip "Kate & Yelena"

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sarajcja shared a tip "as a marvel fan i found it really enjoyable!! maybe not as much as in-depth as the previous ones but still super fun!"

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christinasbooks shared a tip "same but the ending should have been better"

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lucy_barreira shared a tip "This show made me appreciate Hawkeye so much more."

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dawn_gemmecke shared a tip "I'm loving it so far. It's hilarious and action packed."

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jessica_sebastian shared a tip "Hawkeye is my favorite ❤"

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maddie_c_6799 shared a tip "Loved it amazing, kept me wanting more"

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nicole_peirce shared a tip "Couldn’t love this more - Avengers meets Christmas movie in NYC."

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ella_houge shared a tip "Yes I have! It was such a good show"

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nick_garcia_1166 shared a tip "Yelina"

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avalon_asher shared a tip "Yes!"

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lauren_kainz shared a tip "Yes!! It one of my favorite marvel projects."

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felicity_ruth shared a tip "Yes definitely!!"

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laura_anderson_2389 shared a tip "Coming out next week! The 24th 🏹"

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camila_arencibia-ol shared a tip "I'm so excited to see what comes next!😄"

christian_anderson_9544 shared a tip "First two episodes are good so far I really like hailey steinfeilds character"

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finley_jenkins_8179 shared a tip "loveeeeeee itttttttttttt"

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vaughn_turner_9829 shared a tip "Great show! Can't wait for the next episode!"

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caleb_christensen_9780 shared a tip "SUCH A GOOD SHOW!!!! Just go watch it"

colin_7841 shared a tip "Best tv series almost ever episode 4 just came out today"

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fernando_orozco_9275 shared a tip "Loving it so far....."

hailee_hansen shared a tip "Comedy, action, great new characters. 9/10! recommend!"

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tez_hazell shared a tip "So far, this is the best MARVEL show on Disney+. And I’m a real big fan of WandaVision."

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amy_3750 shared a tip "Once again, the perfect combination of humor and action that Marvel is so good with.)"

amber_k_5134 shared a tip "I love the dynamics between this duo. This 6 episode binge was perfect to watch right before Christmas."

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cheryl_doubleday shared a tip "This was awesome! Funny , exciting, fast paced, and clever"

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daniel_davis_8873 shared a tip "This Show I really good It so Amazing Hailee and Jeremy Did Amazing Job I enjoyed it"

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vickie_leras shared a tip "Love it !"

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shemiah_walker shared a tip "I love this show 1000% good"

laura_quinn_3438 shared a tip "I love the connections within the marvel universe!"

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jocelyn_st._onge shared a tip "I'm addicted to the show and love it"

aurelio_728 shared a tip "New Christmas classic!"

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justmekatie shared a tip "It's so good so far! I actually enjoy the changes they brought in."

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nancy_vega_carbajal shared a tip "Loved it! The storyline the snipets to the marvel saga!"

alexis_reyes_6129 shared a tip "Super cool like the brought black widow sister in #spoiler"

natalie_1357 shared a tip "Eleanor Bishop."

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alyssa_loya shared a tip "I enjoyed it. Not really a fan of that Hailee actress BUT I love Jeremy Renner! The storyline was pretty good too!"

hosanna_8192 shared a tip "I loved the series super interesting would recommend to watch"

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s_h_7114 shared a tip "Hailee Steinfeild"

caroline_1743 shared a tip "4/5"

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grace_marksteiner shared a tip "Yelena has my 💗"

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elder_anthony_brown shared a tip "Great"

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bil_. shared a tip "Loved it. I wish they will finally make a movie with the actors in the show"

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open_mike shared a tip "This was a much needed refreshment for the character Hawkeye. You can tell Jeremy Renner had a blast with this role."

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