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I’m a filmmaker in Florida that just made my first feature film that Wrote. Love books, movies and art. I have the most amazing daughter who just moved out on her own. I also have the greatest dog, Fudge. Not much of an action guy, I like romances. I know that is odd. I’ll post everything I like. I love giving recommendations


Went back and watched some of these. Just a great funny show. Comfort food

Night Court imageNight Court image

Night Court

Shows | Comedy

Great reality show. Great personality’s. Some trivia here. The female, Hillary Farr is the bride at the wedding in the beginning of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Love It or List It imageLove It or List It image

Love It or List It

Shows | Reality

Another great biography from the writer who wrote Hamilton. Grant is a real all American hero. It’s just amazing how history has treated him. In the south you have these white trash generals who betrayed their country and fought so they could own people and they are treated with respect. Grant fought to free the enslaved, kicked the south’s ass, then still fought for blacks rights. And history treats him as an afterthought. He was beat down and had just about lost everything before his rise up the ranks. A great book

Grant imageGrant image


Books | Ron Chernow

Reading through the years of peanuts. It’s so much fun. Many people talk about Calvin and Hobbs, and to be clear, I own and love many Calvin and Hobbs collections. But peanuts is as deep, as fun and has such a big cast of characters, it really is the greatest comic strip, in its entirety. The art of being a comic strip writer/artist is something I really admire. Imagine writing and drawing a daily joke every day that is also part of a large ongoing story every days for decades. Great fun to read and see the connection to jokes from a daily strip following it for a year or more in your reading.

The Complete Peanuts Vol. 26 imageThe Complete Peanuts Vol. 26 image

The Complete Peanuts Vol. 26

Books | Charles Schulz

The star, Reginald Roundtree just died, so I thought I would review this movie. A very good movie. One of the black power movies from the 1970s. Most were bad with Hollywood going for fast and cheap over quantity. But this is one of the exceptions. It’s just a good detective movie, with a great feel and a great soundtrack. Definitely a off the beaten path good movie

Shaft imageShaft image


Movies | Action

One of the great horror movies. If you have not seen this and want a really scary movie, this is the one. It’s not cheap jump scares but a slow tension filled burn. Jacks character is unsettling from the start. This whole movie is very unsettling

The Shining imageThe Shining image

The Shining

Movies | Horror

I listened to the book on audible and it was amazing. The voice actor has the tones of the characters from the show down. And the story really explored deep science fiction ideas, in this case, ships with passengers in suspended animation with a population sent from a dying planet. A fun book

Firefly: Generations imageFirefly: Generations image

Firefly: Generations

Books | Tim Lebbon

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