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I’m a filmmaker in Florida that just made my first feature film that Wrote. Love books, movies and art. I have the most amazing daughter who just moved out on her own. I also have the greatest dog, Fudge. Not much of an action guy, I like romances. I know that is odd. I’ll post everything I like. I love giving recommendations


I was amazed at how suspenseful this movie was. Very edge of your seat. Slow moving but in a good way. Very tense if you are patient. This is a great unknown movie

Shadow of a Doubt imageShadow of a Doubt image

Shadow of a Doubt

Movies | Crime

I listened to the audiobook and it was amazing. The characters, you know them or you want too. Her description of people who love food made me hungry. A great romantic story. A story about everyday people and what are big events in their life. Just a lot of fun and some seriously suspenseful moments

Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris imageLoveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris image

Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris

Books | Jenny Colgan

I had watched Hitchcock movies and thought I had watched Psycho. Probably because it is such a part of pop culture. I knew the ending, I knew about the relationship between Norman and his mom. I also knew the famous scene. (Or thought I did. There was much more to it than I had seen) That being said, the movie blew me away. One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I watched it multiple times over the next couple of weeks and then watched first time reactions on YouTube. The acting across the board was the very best but Anthony Perkins gave one of the best performances of all time. Change whatever you were planning on watching and watch this right away

Psycho imagePsycho image


Movies | Horror

I just watched this and it is just a great movie. In Japan, being a master ramen chef is a big deal. The movie is listed as a rom com, but it’s more of a motivational movie. I love what I call a little big movie. This is little in that the plot is not about a murder or saving the world. The plot is about a woman finding herself and who she is. It’s a big movie in the plot is about someone searching and finding out who they are. If you are looking for something that just feels good and magical this is one for you

The Ramen Girl imageThe Ramen Girl image

The Ramen Girl

Movies | Romance

Just rewatched this after years. I know it’s known as a dad movie and a boxing movie. But the real secret is it’s one of the all time great romance movies. The romance is the heart of this movie and part 2. Go back and take a look and this movie will amaze you

Rocky imageRocky image


Movies | Drama

This show has been so much fun. Only loosely connected to the one day world of Grease. The story has the start of the pink ladies as the outcasts for various reasons, but mostly because they are females, singing and dancing their way into finding themselves. Just a really fun show

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies imageGrease: Rise of the Pink Ladies image

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies

Shows | Drama

This book is deep and amazing. A k9 officer who is broken teamed up with a military dog that is also recovering in spirit. A cop, suspense mystery that has a dog as on of the main characters. Really good writing

Suspect imageSuspect image


Books | Robert Crais

This is a movie by director Tony Scott. He films and edits where the movie moves at such a fast pace. He has an amazing movie style that makes a movie exciting to watch. This is just one example of how amazing a director he was. Looking for a edge of your seat, don’t forget to breath movie? Here you go

Unstoppable imageUnstoppable image


Movies | Action

If you love true crime, then you must read this. The author, Ann Rule, was just getting started as a true crime author when her old coworker Ted Bundy was arrested for being a horrific serial killer. Her writing is factual while moving at the pace of a thriller. One of the greatest true crime writers of all time and this book put her over the top

The Stranger Beside Me imageThe Stranger Beside Me image

The Stranger Beside Me

Books | Ann Rule

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