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I am just trying to find more things im interested in! If you have not watched Daredevil (Disney+) WATCH IT!


A classic movie!! Its so funny and really bold for back then!

White Chicks imageWhite Chicks image

White Chicks

Movies | Comedy

Made me so emotional at the scene on the boat! Love this movie with all my heart!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom imageJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom image

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Movies | Action

I thought this show was overhyped but no its 100% worth it!

Orange Is the New Black imageOrange Is the New Black image

Orange Is the New Black

Shows | Comedy

Definitely an amazing show every episode is different from the others and they all have messages about the real world that stick with you! Season 2 is messy and trys to bring in a character that messes up the whole premise of the show whenever shes in it. Season 1 is DEFINITELY a watch!

Girl from Nowhere imageGirl from Nowhere image

Girl from Nowhere

Shows | Drama

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