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Finally got to this book! I’ve been hearing about it for so long and it’s been on my kindle for so long. Turns out I just needed to read it physically to get into it. It was really good. Rowan and Zahra’s love felt so real. Loved the disabilities representation and diversity! This book was really good! Y’all’s thoughts?

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The Fine Print

Books | Lauren Asher

I’M A LITERAL SIMP. Lucas Martín, my adorable little churro!!! Rosie was absolutely adorable also. So much fluff! My heart can’t take it! All I’ve been listening to for the past hour in Dancing Queen. I am unwell.

The American Roommate Experiment imageThe American Roommate Experiment image

The American Roommate Experiment

Books | Elena Armas

SO CUTE!!! I love them soooooo much!!!!! Bree cheese and Nathan will stay with me in my heart forever!!!

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The Cheat Sheet

Books | Sarah Adams

Liked the beginning, but kinda fell off a hit at the end. Still liked it though!!

The Soulmate Equation imageThe Soulmate Equation image

The Soulmate Equation

Books | Christina Lauren

My friend forced me to watch this. It’s definitely something! I kinda liked it.

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The Cat in the Hat

Movies | Fantasy

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