I must say. I've been holding on to this movie since i first laid my eyes on it. It's truly, inspiring for me. As an everyone loving ace spec person with (likely) moderate ocd. Whilst the situations are fairly different, I am able to relate and understand many of these themes. I truly appreciate the effort and care put into the diversity in topic and overall cinematic universe. I absolutely adore this with mmy whole heart and it's my favorite comfort movie. I always feel, true. Additionally settled in place with who i am and how i identify when watching this. And often I simply cannot even tell whether it's wry addicting sense of humor that i thought would never be represented or portrayed realistically in such a coming of age film. Or perhaps the mild invalidating Todd receives from his friends surrounding his compulsions and struggles. The realism in the vast array idealistic conversations that show and portray character. The struggle with sexuality and self identity. And the underlying topic of peer pressure throughout. I don't know if i love Rory or Todd more. But I feel this movie will to forever hold a sweet comforting place in my heart. Not to mention, the directing and design work in this movie is phenomenal. The actors are marvelous aswell. I love ever inch and aspect of this movie. I personally recommend this to anyone and everyone. Watch it i beg of you, you certainly won't regret it. #lgbtq #aesthetics #sexuality #romantic_comedy #comedy #love

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Straight Up

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