Rose Hunter



If you like books about witches and hauntings I think this would be perfect. It follows people who live in a town that is plagued by a witch who was wronged.

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Books | Thomas Olde Heuvelt

A dark retelling of Peter Pan, this book is beautifully written and is violent and fantastical. I highly recommend

The Child Thief imageThe Child Thief image

The Child Thief

Books | Brom

Gives a southern gothic feel, and old gods. Strong woman characters

Revelator imageRevelator image


Books | Daryl Gregory

Great book, true crime/thriller and really captures what it’s like to lose a family member

Pretty Girls imagePretty Girls image

Pretty Girls

Books | Karin Slaughter

It’s very reminiscent of the movie the VVitch.

Slewfoot imageSlewfoot image


Books | Brom

Pretty good book! Not too scary to me personally but still good. It has a slow burn to it, and easy to follow

A Head Full of Ghosts imageA Head Full of Ghosts image

A Head Full of Ghosts

Books | Paul Tremblay

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