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Rose St. Cyr



The easter eggs of Black America's history, and learning history I've never knew about. So many genres put into one show. It is amazing. A must watch.

Lovecraft Country imageLovecraft Country image

Lovecraft Country

Shows | Drama

Tear-Jerking, Happy Moments. Emotional Rollercoaster. Best animated movie 🥰

Up imageUp image


Movies | Animation

That fine MAN 😍 could never do any wrong. It’s a hilarious movie.

Daddy's Home imageDaddy's Home image

Daddy's Home

Movies | Comedy

I'm not the type of person that will actually watch superhero/ villain movies (DC/Marvel) but I really enjoy this movie, actually This is my favorite movie. I can't wait to watch the sequal "Birds of Prey".

Suicide Squad imageSuicide Squad image

Suicide Squad

Movies | Action

A family fun movie to watch during Halloween

Hocus Pocus imageHocus Pocus image

Hocus Pocus

Movies | Comedy

Talks about how we are all addicted to our phones and social media and with all the taps we do, the people behind the apps knows how to keep us addicted.

The Social Dilemma imageThe Social Dilemma image

The Social Dilemma

Movies | Documentary

It's something to binge watch. Knowing that things happen in our world right under our noses and may never catch on till its too late.

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich imageJeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich image

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich


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