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Even though the book can be grotesque, it keeps you hanging on to every word and craving to know what comes next.

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Tender Is the Flesh

Books | Agustina Bazterrica

This book is beautiful. I read it after experiencing the loss of loved ones so the moral hit hard, but in a reminiscent way. I would honestly recommend waiting to read this until you truly understand the value each minute has. It’ll help you fall further in love with Mateo and Rufus’ story.

They Both Die at the End imageThey Both Die at the End image

They Both Die at the End

Books | Adam Silvera

Talk about a page turner! You’ll be on the edge of your seat when you read this book. The characters are relatable and Dan does a great job of keeping you guessing!

I Am Not A Serial Killer imageI Am Not A Serial Killer image

I Am Not A Serial Killer

Books | Dan Wells

Ooooo that’s a good question! I have several as well, but when Theodore learns how many other people Samantha loves was such an impactful moment for me! It really makes you think about love and how it works! What’s one of yours?

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Movies | Romance

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