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My list of likes are from lifelong loves and likes - and so I love funny, but not crude - I like gritty, but not cruel or bloody - I like agony as long as there’s triumph or at least meaning or hope - I like learning, feeling, and improving… and I like pizza too. :)


Not a film, but an experience - one that is hard to watch because it is beyond gritty - but you get pulled in by the characters and you want to endure with them until the end. A film that I feel almost perfectly exemplifies the futility and the tragedy of war.

All Quiet on the Western Front imageAll Quiet on the Western Front image

All Quiet on the Western Front

Movies | Action

Without question, the funniest show I have seen in ages! Garcia does it again – brilliant!

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The critics are loony. The ones that didn’t like this film anyway. I just saw this 12 years after it was released and I thought it was excellent! Slow, yes - but the pace was right fit the story, which was sweet - and the cast was excellent.

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How Do You Know

Movies | Comedy

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