Sebastian Fernandez



Very funny movie. Its kid friendly and i enjoyed it

Nacho Libre imageNacho Libre image

Nacho Libre

Movies | Comedy

I have geard alot of positive feedback but in my opinion you have to be really determined to watch this because the first couple episodes are boring and slow

The Office imageThe Office image

The Office

Shows | Comedy

It was a very wierd movie. I liked it even though most of it didnt make sense

Splice imageSplice image


Movies | Horror

This movie was so cute its definitly different from the original but it has the same story plot. I do see some major changes but it didnt ruin the movie in my opinion

The Grinch imageThe Grinch image

The Grinch

Movies | Animation

It was a really cool movie. Its a little slow but worth the watch.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe imageThe Autopsy of Jane Doe image

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Movies | Horror

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