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So good. Sooooo Good. A sickening horror flick thats relevant to dating and relationships now. Be careful out there people! There are quite a bit of sicko folks out there. I'm not ashamed to admit that this movie made me realize how hard up for Sebastian Stan I am. I would definitely do this version of him and then take his crazy ass out while he slept off the after glow.

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This movie was really good. The action, the intrigue, and above all the truth as witnessed by the three parties involved. That being said...I do NOT know WHY...WHY do I put myself through these period pieces where women were nothing more than transactional property. Where men used their quest for power as a way to appear righteous before the eyes of their God when truly it is their own pitiful pride at work. Truthfully, I enjoy period pieces its just those DAMN historical facts that rub me raw.

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The Last Duel

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