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Point of reference… I’m 52 and I LOVED this movie. Sassy, silly, funny… and then it sneaks up and slaps you in the feels, eyes brimming and nodding “yes”. All of it from the cast, the scenery, the writing… Greta Gerwig continues to bring film with teeth. I’ll be eagerly awaiting her next offering ❤️

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Movies | Comedy

Well. I read the book this is based on years ago and it is one of my favourite books. I am so happy the film measures up to the book. It’s so disappointing when that is not the case. I love me some Tom Hanks and this little film did not disappoint. Five stars for 8 solid cries and a full ugly cry in there too. You don’t get that without solid connection to story and the characters. Lovely balance of funny moments through a heartfelt story of loss, grief, where it can take us. A gentle caution to take care when watching as suicide is strongly themed throughout the film.

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A Man Called Otto

Movies | Comedy

I’m on episode 3 as I write this. The telling of this story is of one family torn….and I mean TORN apart during the 60s scoop and one daughters fight to learn where she came from and reconnect. The actress who plays the mother who’s children are stolen from her… my god… even writing this I am in tears. I say to you… without Recognition there is no Reconciliation. The telling of Indigenous experience at the hands of colonialism is so important. Watch and listen with an open heart. Here is our way forward. I highly recommend this series.

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Little Bird

Shows | Drama

What a heartfelt little film. This transported me back to my 20’s while being super relatable as a mom and woman. This is a hidden little gem. Cried at least 5 times. Highly recommend.

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Cha Cha Real Smooth

Movies | Comedy

Ok…. You need a laugh? I mean a cackling, crying exclamation of a laugh. Watch this. Definitely Mr.Bean-esque but even more over the top funny. Life can be heavy. This little show was just what I needed.

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Man Vs Bee

Shows | Comedy

I love myself a good purging cry. You know… a story with acting that has you catching your breath, face crumpling, lips quivering, tears streaming. I stumbled on this gem of a movie having heard nothing about it. What a sweet surprise. A beautifully told story. I loved it.

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A Good Person

Movies | Drama

I binged this. This young woman’s story pulled me in and had me rooting for her, crying with her and cheering her on. I immediately ordered her book wanting more more MORE. Well done Netflix for a beautiful telling of a young woman’s story of domestic violence and presenting a lesser recognized side and impacts of DV. “They bark before they bite”

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Shows | Drama

What a wonderful hidden gem this story is. Get your Kleenex and set in to have your heart filled, pulled, gutted and mended. Casey Affleck, Jason Sagel and Dakota Johnson all play these characters so genuinely: the connections and relationships are so beautiful. I really really loved this movie. I’m adding to my “Purging Cry” list of movies I watch when I just really need a movie to pull me in and grab all my sad and pull it out.

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Our Friend

Movies | Drama

I enjoyed this SO MUCH. Really funny and outside the box. LAUGHED OUT LOUD. If you liked Swiss Army Man..... you’re my people and here your go!

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Save Yourselves!

Movies | Comedy

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