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Stacey Cullen


Wow. I can't even think of the words to describe this book. Dark and intriguing. I kept waiting for the big, awful climax. I was lulled into believing one thing, but the last 15 pages or so sent shivers down my spine.

The Family Upstairs: A Novel imageThe Family Upstairs: A Novel image

The Family Upstairs: A Novel

Books | Lisa Jewell

What a great book! The author manages to write a light-hearted, fun story about love and friendship while also tackling the serious topic of anxiety. Peppered with just the right amount of comedy and drama, this one was hard to put down.

Ten Rules for Faking It imageTen Rules for Faking It image

Ten Rules for Faking It

Books | Sophie Sullivan

I read this book in less than 10 hours...I couldn't put it down! It was a light, fun read with a touch of drama. Some good self image and body positivity content. Really enjoyed this!!

One to Watch imageOne to Watch image

One to Watch

Books | Kate Stayman-London

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