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Stefani Marie



A story that grabs you from the beginning. Filled with trauma and potentially triggering topics, it follows a once top UFC fighter who has been out of the ring for years. After unintentionally getting into a fight at an underground brawl, she is pushed to start training again. Loved this; it makes you feel all the feels. Unexpectedly enjoyed this more than I thought I would.

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Movies | Drama

A must see for any fan of films. It brings to light the importance of community and how mental health and neurodiversity is OKAY and being atypical is not WRONG. It’s just different. This movie always makes me smile and cry and feel all the feels.

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I Am Sam

Movies | Drama

As a fan of Gigi I enjoyed this historical movie. I did feel like some of the things were skewed but overall still exciting to see such a prominent person in literary history being acknowledged!

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